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Digital Text Books

At Pacific Hills Christian School all text books are purchased by parents following the booklist supplied by the school. This booklist is available at www.campion.com.au. The code required is AKTM.

Most text books are available as digital text books.


  • cheaper
  • all fit on an iPad or laptop
  • can be accessed on any device
  • link to rich online resources
  • weigh nothing
  • can be downloaded for offline use


  • parents or students must maintain an account with the publisher
  • some students and teachers prefer paper text books
  • most digital text books are licenced for only one year and cannot be passed on to siblings or resold

Faculty Head Teachers and Year Advisors will specify the format they think best for each class.

  • Digital Text Book Only
  • Combo (digital text plus printed text book)
  • Either a Digital Text Book OR a Combo pack

If a parent or student would prefer to have a format different to the one specified they can ring Campion directly 02 8905 8691 and arrange the format they prefer.

Length of Licence

Most digital text books have only a one year licence. They cannot be resold or passed on to a sibling. Where a book is designed to cover two years of study the licence will last for two years.

Some publishers offer extra licences provided that the student purchases a combo (digital plus print) pack. As a consequence if the parent has a high priority to pass texts on to a sibling they should always purchase combo packs and check with Campion, the publisher or the Odell Learning Resource Centre staff about the licences available.

How Digital Texts are Provided

For Digital Only Texts Campion will send an email to the parent or student which contains a unique licence number and some other details. In the case of Combo packs the licence will be inside the cover of the printed text.

In general the steps to setting up a digital text book are…

  1. Go to the publisher’s website and create an account for the student (do this only ONCE, not for each text purchased from the publisher).
  2. Keep the ID and Password secure
  3. Do NOT use the student’s school email account: use a private email account
  4. Once the account has been created open the account and enter the licence number sent by Campion.
  5. Check that the correct text book displays on the screen. Open it and check it works.
  6. To use the text book on an iPad…
    1. Download the appropriate publisher’s free app
    2. Enter the same account ID and Password created above
    3. All the text books purchased from that particular publisher will display

The main problems that occur are…

  • Parents or students losing or forgetting their account ID and Password
  • Using the students school email address which is blocked from receiving emails from outside the school
  • Losing the email sent by Campion with the original licence number

How to get help

  1. Contact staff in the Odell Learning Resources Centre (OLRC)
    1. 02 9651 0723
    2. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Contact the Customer Service team at the publisher
  3. Talk to Campion to get the original licence email resent

Details About Each Publisher

While there are different digital publishing solutions used by different publishers and even for different text books by the same publisher, the following details are generally true.


Website used to create account

iPad App

Customer service number



Pearson eBook

1800 656 685



JacarandaPLUS Bookshelf





1300 790 853


not required, details will be emailed

Campion myconnect

02 8905 8691

* Campion are not a publisher but handle the digital texts in a few instances