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"Just Google it" they said... and I found 2.3 million hits. Which one would actually help me? 

"Just Google it" they said... and I found 20 awesome accademic articles. I'm in Year Two. 

"Just Google it" they said...and I have no idea how to figure out if the page I found is nonsense or the good stuff. 

If this sounds like your day slaving over a hot research computer...read on. 

Research: Wikipedia or Not?Wikipedia: follow your teacher's guidelines I think Wikipedia is really useful, but many teachers have the opposite point of view. They are concerned that anyone could edit a page and put in falsehoods, and are concerned that it does not seem to be "official".

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Research: TriangulationTriangulation Triangulation is the simple idea that you check more than one resource for important information...and as the name suggests, ideally aim at three.  Read the other articles in this section to discover other ways to evaluate websites, resource

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