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From very early on students use resources to find out information and investigate points of view. It is vital that students give proper credit to sources they use. 

Bibliography refers to a list of resources at the end of a document. 

Referencing refers to indicating in the body of the writing the source of quotes or material referred to. This is a higher level skill for Senior School.


  • A Reference list and referencing is required, though staff in particular subjects may specify bibliography only if they wish.
  • The Bibliography or Reference List is placed at the end of the document
  • Use a heading “Bibliography” or “References “in bold
  • Entries

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Suggested Scope and Sequence Year Bibliography Referencing Notes 2 Simple X  Simply a list of resources 3 Simple X 4 Simple X 5 Improved X 6 Improved X  A list of resources but with more

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Can students really be expected to be rigorous and adhere to a formal university level requirement? Formal academic referencing is very complex. It is beyond the need of even HSC students to learn and comply with every detail of a formal system. The

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