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2019 Mission Trips

 NEPAL - 14 - 23 April 2019

This Mission trip will be led by Miss E. Carruthers

OUTBACK - 14 - 25 April 2019

This Outback of Australia Mission trip will be led by Mr C. Petschack

PARAGUAY - 14 - 27 April 2019

This South America Mission Trip will be led by Mr P. McConnell

MOREE - July Holidays 2019

This country NSW town Mission Trip will be led by Ms K. Jackman

CAMBODIA - 28 Sept - 8 October,  2019

This is our first Mission Trip to Cambodia and will be led by Dr M. Razey

INDONESIA - Sept/Oct Holidays 2019

This Mission Trip joins our students with students from a Christian School in Indonesia and together they travel to a poor Indonesian village and show kindness and care to those  people living  in that place.  The leader is to be confirmed

HONG KONG - 29 Sept - 14 October, 2019

This is a sports Mission Trip that is led by Mr P. McConnell

YR 12 VANUATU - November, 2019

This annual Mission Trip for our Year 12 students is led by Mr P. McConnell

INDIA - January 2020 Holidays and is led by Mrs C. Sakoulas

This is an annual Mission Trip and one of the places that is visited is Narsapur to serve at the Holland Wharf Home for girls and the Hospital for patients who are both terminally ill and with other diseases.  Attached to this hospital is a home for children who are ill.  All the students and staff from the homes and hospitals we serve look forward to the team's arrival with great excitment.  Much blessing is received by all.  The team then moves on to other places of need inorder to bring great joy to others who await their arrival. 















BALI (Dance Mission) - 14 - 23 April - leader Miss A Crimmins

Sadly this Mission has been cancelled due to an impending volcanic eruption.  The Australian Foreign Affairs website has recommended visitors to restrain from visiting Bali at this time, unless necessary.  Please contact the Mission Coordinator if you require any further informaton.

The Mission team will be teaching and participating in dance classes with the children at Mercy Indonesia Orphanage. Senior students will be given the opportunity to teach, while all other students will participate alongside the children . Students will also participate in the orphanage devotions, church service and normal play time activities. The parents coming on this trip will be leading cooking and trade classes with adults from the community, as well as renovating the rooms at the orphanage. “Mercy Indonesia Foundation’s exist to restore the lives of orphans and vulnerable children throughout Indonesia and to raising up a future generation of leaders who can transform their surrounding community.”  We are delighted to be joining with a team from our Sister School in Surabaya.

Outback - 14 - 28 April - leader Mr C Petschack

This Mission trip is always a favourite with many students and often they return for a second or third experience.  The team departs Sydney and travels to Amata.  This township always welcomes the team as they have been visiting for many years.  Supporting the community in many activities provides a fellowship whereby our youth work and have fun alongside the youth of the town.  This is always a blessing to our students and to those living in the township.  The team then visit Uluru, Kings Canyon, Haasts Bluff, Glen Helen, Red Bank Gorge and then travel to Alice Springs for a return flight home.

Moree - 14 - 20 July - leader Ms K. Jackman

This Mission trip fills up quickly and our students always return being blessed and having blessed those they meet. This mission is about making a difference in our Australian Indigenous community, helping to run a school holiday program for children aged 5yrs - 12 years which is run by the Moree Salvation Army. Our students will run many activities such as Sport, Art & Craft, Dance, Music and Drama with the opportunity to visit Myall Creek, the local Hot Spring baths and take in the amazing Australian landscape.

Kenya/Rwanda/Tanzania - 09 - 24 July - leader Mr P. McConnell & Mr R. Lawler

Leaving Sydney for Kenya the team will stay in Nairobi for six days and will be hosted by African Evangelical Enterprise. Working alongside AEE in Kayole Slum the team will support a range of projects including the medical centre.  In 2012 the School and students raised sufficient funds to purchase a much needed ambulance but now due to the poor road conditions the School and students are providing a new 4 wheel drive.  A revisit to the Orphanage/school an earlier team from our School built in 2011 to asist in renovations and resources will be next and then assisting in a full renovation of the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya Kasere in the Rongo district Migori county.  We then fly to Kigali in Rwanda for our next adventure.

The Mission will visit Murgwanza, Tanzania via Kigali, Rwanda.  Students will be blessed and bless others as they run programs in the local Schools, teach and assist craft with the beautiful children, integrate with the communities visited, worship with them, teach English, make life long friends and learn culture and history about the country. Approximate cost $3200.00. 

Indonesia Mission - TBA in October - leader Mr C. Wood

Indonesia Mission – The dates are to be confirmed but the mission will be held in October.  Students will fly to Surabaya and spend a day or two getting to know the students from Mawar Sharon Christian School with whom they will join on the mission.   From Surabaya the team will travel to Jogjakarta or Semarang by train (around 3-4 hours and then by bus to the Salatiga Village.  This is a poor village in the countryside.  The people from this village welcome the students from Mawar Sharon Christian School each year but are excited that students from Pacific Hills Christian School want to travel from Australia and share the love of Jesus through assisting in the church/school and village life.  Our students will come back blessed and will have met and worked alongside new school friends from a large Christian School in Surabaya. 

Romania (Global Mission - 7 - 20 October - leader Mr R. Lee

Global Christian Schools Network is a network of Christian Schools encouraging and empowering cross cultural mission programs.This Mission is held every two years and this year it is being held in Timisoara, Romania.  It offers students the opportunity to serve in local ministries alongside local students and students from school around the world,  followed by sharing of experiences at the GCSN Conference.  Christian Educators from around the world who have a passion for Christian Mission join together to share their mission experiences. It is a joy to have students from Schools around the world join with us. 


Year 12 Vanuatu - Dates to be confirmed - leader Mr J. Cox

The Mission will arrive at Port Vila then transfer by boat to Nguna Island.  The team will serve at Eles Presbyterian School for a couple of days and in the evening enjoy beach fun and a trip to Pelle Island.  Returning to Vila a short flight brings the team to Luganville staying at Prenter School.  Here we will serve at Prenter School and be apart of their Sunday Church service.  During our time we will visit Champagne Beach and Mount Hope Waterfall. Then we travel to Turtle Bay Lodge for a fun day kayaking to Blue Hole.  Flying back to Port Vila we visit Wycliffe Bible Translators and serve where needed.  Finally a tour of Meles Cascades, Jungle Zip Line before we fly home. 

2019 Mission Trip:

January 2019          India - Mrs C. Sakoulas

April  2019        Chile / Argentina (Sport) - Mr P. McConnell

October 2019   China / HK / Macau (Sport) - Mr P. McConnell

October 2019    China/HK/Macau (Music) - Mr C. Petschack