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Students in Year 7 to 12 are required to have a keyboard enabled Windows 10 or Macintosh laptop (note: please avoid Windows 10 S Mode). All  Windows or Macintosh devices will need to be able to connect to our 5GHz wireless network to access online resources in the classroom. Most modern Windows or Macintosh devices should meet this requirement. The device will need to be able to perform word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation tasks. Example devices (but not limited to) include Apple MacBook Air or Microsoft Surface (Pro/Go).  Smart Phones and Tablets are not suitable due to the small screen size and limited functionality.

For more information about appropriate devices and software needed, follow the link to BYOD Requirements.


The following information is provided as a guide for parents at PHCS when purchasing new laptops for their child in years 7-12. While no brands or models are mandated by the school, the following requirements and recommendations will assist when deciding on a device and the software required.

Please note: Students are provided a Microsoft O365 subscription which gives access to apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint - available from the start of the school year.

Note: Make sure that you read and understand all of the steps. Do not just look at the pictures.

You must complete all setup steps.

Before you can connect to the WiFi you must know your username and password. If you don't know what your username or password is, please see the OLRC staff who will look up your username and help you reset your password.

We recommend that you login to a student computer in the OLRC so that you can view this page and follow the instructions as you connect your device to the WiFi. Once your device is connected to the WiFi you can then view the remaining setup steps on it so that you can copy and paste any links as required.